􏰀 MPSE ipl


This card runs feff with a many-pole model for the self energy.

The values of ipl correspond to the following: 1: use an “average” self-energy which is applied to the whole system (default). 2: use a density dependendent self-energy which is different at every point inside the muffin-tin radius. It takes as input a file ‘loss.dat’ containing the loss function. This can either be measured or taken from a calculation. For a rough but very fast estimate of the loss function, see the OPCONS card. See the references for more information. The output file ‘mpse.dat’ contains the self energy and the renormalization constant (at the interstitial radius) as a function of photoelectron energy relative to the Fermi Energy in eV.

PLASMON can be used as an alias to the MPSE card.

  • make regular FEFF calculations, print out the self-energy


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