FEFF 6.01 Example Files



FEFF 6.01 Example Files

The files linked on this page are the input and output files from an example run of FEFF 6.01. The input file, feff.inp, contains instructions for running all four modules of FEFF to produce the XAFS due to the first four shells of pure copper.

feff.inp (FEFF 6.01)

This is the input file for the example run.

paths.dat (FEFF 6.01)

This file contains the geometrical information about all multiple scattering paths found within the cluster specified in the atoms list of the input file. All of the paths in this file are have a total path length shorter than the value of RMAX specified in the input file.

files.dat (FEFF 6.01)

This file lists the names of all of the files conatining individual path information. It also lists several relevant facts about each path, such as degeneracy and the value of the importance factor.

chi.dat (FEFF 6.01)

This file conatains the total chi as a function of k calculated from the cluster specified in the input file. It is the sum of the contributions of the individual path files.

xmu.dat (FEFF 6.01)

This file contains the background function, chi, and the total absorption spectrum for the cluster specified in the input file.


These files contain the contributions to the XAFS from each of the important scattering paths found within the specified cluster.

[ feff0001.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0002.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0003.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0004.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0005.dat (FEFF 6.01) ]

[ feff0006.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0007.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0008.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0009.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0010.dat (FEFF 6.01) ]

[ feff0011.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0014.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0015.dat (FEFF 6.01) | feff0017.dat (FEFF 6.01) ]

Compressed Archives

All of the files linked on this page are available bundled together in compressed archives.

Unix archive

This file is tarred and gzipped. 31 kb. To unload the files in this archive, type

gunzip example.tar.gz 


tar xvf example.tar 

at the command line. If you use the GNU version of tar, the command

tar xvfz example.tar.gz

will untar the files with on-the-fly decompression.

Archive for DOS and other computers

This file is a zipped archive. 48 kb. To unpack the files type the command

unzip r example.zoo

at the DOS prompt. Look at The Info-Zip page for information about using the zip format on your computer.

Macintosh archive

This is a binhexed, self-extracting archive. 71 kb. Since it is binhexed it will be displayed to your screen unless you have binhexed files defined as an application type on your browser. You can use your browsers "save as" feature to save this as a binhex file on your computer. After un-binhexing the file, double click on the icon to extract the archive.

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