ELLIPTICITY elpty x y z

This card is used with the POLARIZATION card (see below). The ellipticity (elpty) is the ratio of amplitudes of electric field in the two orthogonal directions of elliptically polarized light. Only the absolute value of the ratio is important for nonmagnetic materials. The present code can distinguish left- and right-circular polarization only with the XMCD or XNCD cards. A zero value of the ellipticity corresponds to linear polarization, and unity to circular polarization. The default value is zero.

x, y, z are coordinates of any nonzero vector in the direction of the incident beam. This vector should be approximately normal to the polarization vector.

Cannot be used with ELNES, EXELFS, or NRIXS.

* Average over linear polarization in the xy-plane
ELLIPTICITY 1.0 0.0 0.0 -2.0
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