DIMS nmax lmax 

This card limits the size of arrays so as not to exceed available memory. nmax is the maximum number of atoms in the cluster for FMS matrix inversion. Lmax is the maximal l-value for the potentials and Green's function. feff9 first determines the number of atoms and maximal l-value from user input, i.e. number of atoms given in the ATOMS card, the FMS-radius given in the FMS and SCF card, and l-values given in the POTENTIALS card. In a second step, it will truncate these, using the values of the DIMS card if present. If the DIMS card is not present, default cutoff values will be loaded from `feff90/src/COMMON/m dimsmod.f90' - these are fixed at compilation time.

* limit l-values to 2 or lower. Leave number of atoms alone
* (i.e. use compilation time limit for number of atoms).
* (negative numbers are ignored).
DIMS -1 2
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