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ADDENDUM: Government Copyrights


This work was supported in part by Grants from DOE. In accordance with the DOE FAR rules part 600.33 ``Rights in Technical Data - Modified Short Form'' the following clause applies to FEFF:

(c)(1)The grantee agrees to and does hereby grant to the U.S. Government and to others acting on its behalf:

(i) A royalty-free, nonexclusive, irrevocable, world-wide license for Governmental purposes to reproduce, distribute, display, and perform all copyrightable material first produced or composed in the performance of this grant by the grantee, its employees or any individual or concern specifically employed or assigned to originate and prepare such material and to prepare derivative works based thereon,

(ii) A license as aforesaid under any and all copyrighted or copyrightable work not first produced or composed by the grantee in the performance of this grant but which is incorporated in the material furnished under the grant, provided that such license shall be only to the extent the grantee now has, or prior to completion or close-out of the grant, may acquire the right to grant such license without becoming liable to pay compensation to others solely because of such grant.

(c)(2) The grantee agrees that it will not knowingly include any material copyrighted by others in any written or copyrightable material furnished or delivered under this grant without a license as provided for in paragraph (c)(1)(ii) of this section, or without the consent of the copyright owner, unless it obtains specific written approval of the Contracting Officer for the inclusion of such copyright material.

John J. Rehr
Thu Jul 1 14:31:17 PDT 1999