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Main output data


Standard xafs data containing k, tex2html_wrap_inline3343, tex2html_wrap_inline3371 relative to threshold (k=0). The header also contains enough information to specify what model was used to create this file.

The file 'xmu.dat' contains both XANES and XAFS data tex2html_wrap_inline3345, tex2html_wrap_inline3377, and tex2html_wrap_inline3331 as functions of absolute energy E, relative energy tex2html_wrap_inline3383 and wave number k.

A binary file that contains all the information about the XAFS from all of the paths. This replaces the old 'feffNNNN.dat' files (which you can make using the PRINT card). If you want to use this file with your own analysis package, use the code in subroutine feffdt as an example of how to read it.

You have to use the PRINT option to obtain these files. Effective scattering amplitude and phase shift data, with k referenced to threshold for shell nn: k, tex2html_wrap_inline3391, tex2html_wrap_inline3393, tex2html_wrap_inline3395, the reduction factor, tex2html_wrap_inline3397, tex2html_wrap_inline3399.

If you need these, use the PRINT option for FF2CHI greater than 3, which will read 'feff.bin' and write the 'feffNNNN.dat' files in exactly the form you're used to.

John J. Rehr
Thu Jul 1 14:31:17 PDT 1999