This card runs FEFF with the multiple-pole self energy.

The values of the argument ipl correspond to the following: 0: run regular feff but print out the self energy; 1: run multiple pole self energy without renormalization; 2: run multiple pole self energy with renormalization.

It takes as input `exc.dat' which can be formed in the following way:

  1. Calculate or measure the energy loss spectrum $\epsilon^{-1}$
  2. Use the formula detailed in `' to calculate $\omega_i$ and f$_i$. Now write three columns in `exc.dat', $\omega_i$, $\gamma_i$, and f$_i$. $\gamma_i$ is irrelevant at this time. Units should be eV.

The output file `sigma.dat' contains the self energy and the renormalization constant (at the interstitial radius) as a function of photoelectron energy in eV.

* make regular FEFF calculations, print out multiple-pole self-energy