label s02

The EDGE card is equivalent to the HOLE card, but you don't have to look up the appropriate integer index. Simply use the hole label: K means $K$-shell, L1 means $L_{I}$, and so on. NO means no hole, but FEFF will not accept it and one must use the NOHOLE card instead. Calculations with very shallow edges, e.g. $M$-shells and higher, are not well tested; please complain to the authors if you encounter problems. As with the HOLE card, you may also use the integer index instead of the label. All comments for the HOLE card are valid for the EDGE card--see the description below. If the entry for the amplitude reduction factor $S_0^2$ is less than 0.1, $S_0^2$ will be estimated from atomic overlap integrals.

  * L1-shell core hole, S02 = 1
  EDGE  L1   1.0