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13. Appendix G. Trouble-shooting FEFF problems

FEFF 7 has been extensively tested but occasionally new bugs show up. In an effort to maintain trouble-free codes we take all bug reports seriously. Often we receive reports by users of older versions of FEFF of bugs that are fixed in the latest releases. Other code failures can often be traced to input file errors, sometimes quite subtle.

An example would be:

13.1 FEFF Bug and Error Report

If, after you have verified that your input file is not the problem, the problem persists, please contact us at the e-mail addresses listed in Sec. 1. To address your problem, we need the following information:

  1. Brief description of problem.
  2. Code, Version number, type of computer and compiler (e.g., FEFF5 version 5.03, IBM PC, F77)
  3. Unedited input file causing problem feff.inp
  4. Sample output (e.g. chi.dat) or log file illustrating problem.
  5. Send e-mail to one of the authors (i.e. alex or

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